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7 Essential Ways That Can Help You Live A Life Without Cancer


C-A-N-C-E-R – the six-letter word we all dread about and often associate with death. But what if you had the chance to live a life that is free of cancer. Would you take it? This article will show you seven essential ways how to do it, so read on. Eat Real Foods – it is […]

3 Forms of Cancer that High Dose IV Vitamin C May Help Beat

iv vitamin c for cancer

The use of IV vitamin C for cancer is nothing new. This treatment has been utilized since the 1970s all over the world. In fact, there are ongoing studies and clinical evidence that shows significant improvement in cancer patients’ quality of life, physically, mentally and emotionally. This article aims to show you how a high […]

4 Signs You May Need An IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy in Toronto

IV vitamin therapy is not only beneficial to people with medical conditions. It can be given to anyone 16 years old and older who wants to upgrade their overall well being. But did you know some signs and symptoms indicate getting an IV vitamin therapy may be your next best choice? Read on for more […]

Glutathione IV – 3 Little Known Benefits You Should Know About

glutathione iv

Glutathione IV is popularly known for its skin whitening effects. It is readily available in the form of pills, and many people have included it as part of their daily supplement. However, only a few know that getting a glutathione IV is far more efficient than its oral form. But, did you also know that […]

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Gets Praises From Patients!

IV vitamin drip

Do you know what an IV vitamin drip is? If not, you may have heard from the news or perhaps a friend about how this treatment has done wonders to their health. If you haven’t tried iv therapy yet, it’s time you get reacquainted what this revolutionary treatment can do for you. Read more to […]