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New Update: Vitamin C Shows More Promising Health Benefits – What Are They?

Vitamin C Benefits

When you hear the word “vitamin C” you always associate it to terms such as oranges, colds, flu, improved immunity, and virus to mention a few. That may change soon as recent studies show more promising health benefits Vitamin C can give. Read on to find out more. Treatment for Septic Shock Sepsis, when left […]

Best Diet Changes Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients Must Do Right Away

When you or your loved ones receive a diagnosis of cancer, the first question that almost always comes to mind is “What do I do now?” Many will jump into chemotherapy or radiation treatments as soon as they can. However, one very important factor is often overlooked: NUTRITION. Here are the top diet modifications newly […]

Vitamin C IV Therapy For Cancer – Does It Really Help Cure the Incurable?

orange - vitamin c

IV Vitamin therapy is becoming more popular these days. Recent studies have shown that high dose IV vitamin C can help fight various cancers. However, many people are still skeptical about this type of treatment. Is it really effective? Is it safe? This article will help shed some light about how a cancer drip can […]