Lyme Disease Treatment in Toronto:
Our Program’s Protocols and Policies

Our Lyme disease therapies are built to foster detoxification, help strengthen the immune system, and naturally promote the treatment of Lyme disease and its symptoms. 

We embrace evidence-based approaches to our therapies, such as changes to your daily diet, herbal remedies and intravenous (IV) therapy. These modifications may encourage the treatment and defense against Lyme, while improving your quality of life. 

Our team of health care practitioners is passionate about treating Lyme disease and co-infections with their patient-friendly integrative functional medicine approach. Our Lyme disease treatment program is led by Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, and Arv Buttar, NP.

Depending on the patient’s needs, herbal treatments may be solely recommended or combined with other treatments (i.e. antibiotics). Some patients may not be able to tolerate antibiotics. In this case, naturopathic, herbal treatments, nutraceuticals and IV (intravenous) therapy may be suitable as natural treatments for the body.

Our clinic may recommend Lyme disease herbal treatments, IV therapy and/or nutraceuticals for several reasons: 

  • To naturally help promote antifungal properties 
  • To offer support in improving antimicrobial effectiveness 
  • To help rebuild neurological tissues
  • To aid with improving energy levels
  • To help support cognitive function (i.e. memory)
  • To contribute to enhancing cellular (mitochondrial) function 
  • To help manage Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions

Every patient may have a different response to treatments. Though generally speaking, chronic Lyme may not progress if antibiotics have been taken 30 days after being bitten by an infected tick. (Antibiotics should be taken in the course of 3-4 weeks.) In this case, Lyme disease might be  “cured.” 

If a tick bite occurred months or one year ago and then treatment begins, the purpose of the Lyme treatment is to succumb to the “remission” status.  

*Note: Are you already consulting with another LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor) or LLMD/LLNP ( Lyme Literate Medical Doctor/ Lyme Literate Nurse Practitioner ) ? Our team is able to work with your present health practitioners  regarding treatments. If your current health care provider  is in another country, this practitioner must send us a note summary or a letter prior to our team administering prescriptions or requisitions (i.e. blood tests). Click here to contact us to learn more.

Prescriptions and Diagnostics 

Our health care practitioners may prescribe medications (i.e. antibiotics). If the patient does not agree to make changes to their diet, antibiotics will not be prescribed. (Prior to starting your antibiotics, you are required to refrain from yeast, sugar and alcohol for at least 14 days.) 

Our clinic may also provide requisition forms for blood tests, EKGs, and any other diagnostics required, which may be covered by OHIP. 

We do not provide physical paper copies; all prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice via fax. Your prescriptions may be covered by your insurance; please check with your insurance provider to see what you’re covered for. 

Note: we do not provide sleep, anxiety and pain prescriptions. 

Do You Need to See My Medical Records?

We do not need to review previous routine medical visits. However, if these previous visits were specifically about tick bites, you may bring these records to your first visit.

All new patients must bring the following medical records to the initial appointment:

  • Results from Lyme lab tests that were conducted six months ago. (We will request further lab testing if your previous lab results were from longer than six months ago.)
  • Reports of EKGs, MRIs, X-rays (sorry, we don’t assess image discs, please do not bring these to our clinic.)

If you’ve previously seen a different health care practitioner for Lyme disease/co-infections testing, this practitioner should send us those medical results with a referral note. (If they require our contact information, please refer them to this link.)

Note: we will not photocopy original medical files/documents; please do not bring these to our clinic. If you would like us to review copious amounts of pages/files, there will be additional charges because reviewing these may be time consuming.

Attending Your Appointment at Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre

*Take Note: Due to the situation with COVID-19, your first consultation may be conducted via telemedicine (options include telephone or videoconferencing).

Are you a new patient? Please note the following:

  • Your first appointment may occur in our Yorkville, Toronto clinic or via telemedicine.
  • Please be punctual. Arriving late affects your schedule, our team’s schedule and other patients who have booked visits throughout the day.
  • If you need assistance due to language or memory issues, you may bring a family member/friend to come with you to your appointment.
  • Please arrive at your initial appointment with your fully completed intake forms. (Contact us to receive these forms.) We regret to inform you that without these fully completed forms, your appointment will not occur; you will also continue to be charged for your allotted time, as our practitioners arrange their schedules in advance for your appointment.

During your first appointment, the following will be discussed:

  • Medical history
  • Past test results
  • How to proceed with health recommendations (i.e. supplements, requisitions (if required), prescriptions, step-by-step treatment plans, any lifestyle changes)

A physical examination may also take place (for in-person visits only).

Do I Need to Make a Follow-Up Appointment?

If you’re having intravenous (IV) therapy at our clinic, regular follow-up appointments are necessary. This is to ensure that your health care is continuous and that other concerns from your treatments can be addressed in a timely manner.

If you not having IV treatments, follow-up visits must be booked every three months within your first year of treatment. Once your health status is considered “stable”, you are required to book your appointment every six months. (Follow-up visits can be conducted in-person or through telemedicine.) During these follow-up visits, these topics may be addressed:

  • A review of lab tests and/or treatment plans (i.e. antibiotics, natural remedies, supplements, immune support, yeast management, etc.).
  • A review/discussion on detoxification, support for antimicrobial treatments and review of necessary diet modifications.
  • An update on your health goals.

Please book your follow-up appointment as soon as you can. A time slot may not be available if you attempt to schedule close to your due appointment.

Re-scheduling Your Appointment

If you want to re-schedule your appointment, please let us know two days before your scheduled visit. If you give us less than two days notice, a late cancellation fee will be charged to you. (Late cancellation fees are equal to the cost of one full appointment.)

Sometimes the weather may prevent you from making it to your appointment. If this is the case, call us and we’ll immediately switch your appointment to a telemedicine consultation.

Don’t forget: when you re-book any appointments, pay attention to your other forthcoming visits at our clinic. This is to prevent you from being “double booked” and to prevent any cancellation charges due to missed visits.

Paying for Consultations

Full payment is required upon each visit. Our clinic accepts:

  • MasterCard
  • Debit
  • Visa
  • Cash

Sorry, we do not accept cheques. For your first visit, a non-refundable deposit is required. All fees are expressed in Canadian dollars.

If you have multiple appointments in one day (i.e. an additional consultation between appointments), you will be charged accordingly.

Does OHIP Cover My Consultation Fees?

All of our consultation fees take processing, administration, reviews, assessments, and treatment goals/plans into consideration.

With that, OHIP, public heath cards, and private insurance do not cover visits with our nurse practitioner.

If you are visiting our naturopathic doctor, OHIP and public heath cards do not cover these consultations; however, perhaps your private insurance may cover these costs. (Please talk to your insurance provider for more details.)

When applicable, OHIP may cover blood work recommended by our nurse practitioner. You will need to own an OHIP card for this particular fee to be covered by OHIP.

Testing for Lyme and Co-Infections

Our clinic offers Lyme disease and co-infection testing for patients. (If you’ve been tested for Lyme disease at another clinic, we can work with that! Please share those results by bringing them to our clinic.)

For patients requiring Lyme and co-infection testing, we prefer to order tests from these laboratories:

  • IGeneX

Located in California, this lab specializes in testing for tick-borne diseases. IGeneX tests for multiple bacteria strains, which promotes accuracy of test results for diagnosing Lyme disease and co-infections. Their ImmunoBlot tests are considered to be sensitive, which may help health care practitioners in diagnosing and planning treatments.

We recommend the following tests from IGeneX: #325 Lyme ImmunoBlot IgM and #335 Lyme ImmunoBlot IgG tests. If you opt for an IGeneX co-infection panel test, we suggest:

  • babesia duncani IgM and IgG
  • babesia microti IgM and IgG
  • HGA IgM and IgG
  • HME IgM and IgG
  • R. rickettsia and R. Typhi IgG
  • babesia FISH
  • bartonella IgM and IgG
  • bartonella FISH

To learn about these tests, click here to read more from the IGeneX lab.

  • ArminLabs

This German laboratory also focuses on testing for tick-borne illnesses. Their reputable test, EliSpot, helps determine if the immune system has been subjected to Lyme. (Take note: the immune system’s T cells should display a reaction to Lyme disease two weeks after being bitten by an infected tick.) ArminLabs takes pride on using detailed tests for diagnosing Lyme; their short symptom checklist may help determine which test may be appropriate for you. Click here to learn more about ArminLabs’ diagnostic tests.

Our clinic is not affiliated with and/or will not take on cases relating to Workers’ Compensation, insurance and disability. We do not handle direct billing. Extended health insurance payments are not accepted by our clinic. 

If your insurance is paying for your appointment fees, please be aware that you (as the patient) is responsible for administering your claim and communicating updates with your insurance provider. Note: one exception would be for Canadian Disability Tax Credit forms, which you will be charged $150 for each form. 

If you need us to fill in a lawyer-requested form, we are able to complete this form for you; you will be charged accordingly based on required time. However, all requests for a lyme literate health care provider testimonies will be declined.

Contact Us About Lyme Disease in Toronto

 For more information about treating Lyme disease and co-infections,
about our clinic and/or policies and protocols, please contact us: 

Clinic phone: 416-922-4114
Address: 1200 Bay Street, #1102, Toronto, Ontario

You may also click here to send a message. 

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