Boosting Your Fertility Naturally

Dr. Amauri has extensive experience with the natural treatment of all underlying conditions that affect fertility. Our fertility program is designed to naturally improve your chances of conception through balanced nutrition, detoxification, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We focus on:

· Improving egg quality
· Improving circulation
· Improving implantation
· Balancing hormones
· Reducing clotting and inflammation
· Preventing miscarriage
· Improving success rates of IVF procedures
· Reducing stress

Advanced laboratory testing

In addition to standard medical tests, we may use basal body temperature charting to help assess hormone imbalances and ovulatory patterns, blood tests for nutritional deficiencies, salivary hormone testing, serum tests for candida yeast, and/or urine tests for heavy metals.

Our naturopathic fertility program

After gathering your medical history and test results, we use nutrition, eastern and western herbal remedies, homeopathy, and other natural means to optimize follicle health and achieve hormonal and emotional balance for a healthy pregnancy. Your fertility treatment will be customized for your needs, combining potent nutraceutical supplements with a personalized diet and lifestyle program, all clinically proven to enhance fertility and prevent miscarriage.

We may also use acupuncture methods that have shown to significantly increase fertility (including 40-60% success rates for IVF cycles). Acupuncture improves blood flow to your pelvic organs, follicle development over the course of your natural cycles, and prepares your body for successful IVF or IUI results.

Getting to the root of the problem

Our approach addresses the roots causes of infertility such as:

· Endometriosis
· Polycystic ovarian syndrome
· Poor egg quality
· Low ovarian reserve
· Early menopause
· Implantation issues
· Autoimmune infertility
· Luteal phase defect
· Thin lining and poor circulation
· Hormonal imbalances
· Ovulatory disorders
· Hypothyroidism and thyroiditis
· Recurrent miscarriage
· Male factor infertility
· Unexplained infertility
· Stress and fertility impacts

We may also look at less recognized causes including:

· Heavy metal toxicity
· Nutritional deficiencies or poor diet
· Candida yeast overgrowth
· Cervical mucous issues
· Male sperm DNA damage
· Environmental or occupational exposures
· Hormonal imbalances – including thyroid, cortisol, DHEA progesterone, insulin
· Food intolerances
· Stress
· Toxicity and antigenic overload
· Energetic imbalances

We take stress seriously

The fertility process can be draining and impact your body, relationships, as well as your overall wellbeing. The impact of stress can reduce blood flow to the ovaries and pelvic organs (your body perceives stress as a sign to save energy for higher priority survival mechanisms). Naturopathic treatments can help your body deal with stress through improving adrenal performance, not only boosting fertility, but making the whole process less stressful on your body.

Do both partners need to be involved?

For optimal effectiveness, both partners should partake in preconception health care, since the genetic material is shared equally between the female and male. Fertility issues may come from either the female or the male. The combined effort by both parents also ensures better overall health of the baby. Our aim is to optimize the health of each parent (reproductive organs, sperm and egg), fetal development, and the baby.

Is Natural Fertility Management compatible with IVF?

Natural Fertility treatment is ideal before undertaking IVF, since it can resolve or reduce the underlying causes of infertility and increase the success rate of IVF. A recent study in the UK showed IVF success rates more than doubled when preceded by a period of preconception health care. IVF does not address the underlying causes of infertility such as infections, auto-immunity, hormone imbalances, poor egg or sperm quality, thyroid imbalances. As a result, IVF has a higher than normal rate of miscarriage, birth defects and low birth weight babies.

Nutritional support and stress management are vital for assisted conceptions like IVF. You will not be given any supplement with a hormonal effect that will interfere with the drug regime. We focus on boosting your nutritional requirements, improving egg, sperm and embryo quality and reducing stress.

Clinically Proven Results

A holistic approach to fertility has proven benefits. In 1995, Foresight (the British Association for the Promotion of Preconception Care) studied 367 couples with a previous history of infertility, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Following natural preconception methods, 89% of these couples had a healthy birth, 81% of which were previously infertile. There were no miscarriages, perinatal deaths or malformations.

In 2003, Foresight conducted a larger study with 1,061 couples. Results showed a conception rate of 78.4% of a healthy baby within two years of following the program. This study also suggests a more than doubled conception success rate for IVF of 47.1% following pre-conception health care.