Vitamin C IV Therapy For Cancer – Does It Really Help Cure the Incurable?

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IV Vitamin therapy is becoming more popular these days. Recent studies have shown that high dose IV vitamin C can help fight various cancers. However, many people are still skeptical about this type of treatment. Is it really effective? Is it safe? This article will help shed some light about how a cancer drip can help fight cancer, so read on.

The article “This Vitamin Makes Cancer Treatments Work Better” by The Institute for Natural Healing has this to say:

“For decades, studies showed vitamin C killed cancer cells in the lab and in animals. But human trials were disappointing. Many were inconclusive.

Now, scientists at the University of Iowa say they know why. And they may have finally found the key to unlocking the natural cancer-fighting power of vitamin C.

Previous human trials used vitamin C pills. But the digestive system limits the amount of oral vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream and reach cancer cells.

In the new study, researchers delivered vitamin C intravenously to 11 brain cancer patients. They had glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

In addition to standard radiation and chemotherapy, the patients were given three weekly vitamin C infusions for two months. This was followed by twice weekly infusions for another seven months.

The infusions raised the vitamin C level in their blood 1,000 times higher than normal. This is not possible with vitamin C pills.”

The key word here is “infusion”. In order to fight cancer effectively, a high dose of vitamin C is needed and can only be achieved if it is given intravenously. To read more about the article above, click here.

Furthermore, Dr. Adem Gunes, MD, PhD, a German physician who works closely with cancer patients from around the world, and has established the world’s largest database of natural substances in the field of cancer medicine, said in his article “Promising Role Of High-Dose Vitamin C In Ovarian Cancer”:

“A simple compound like Vitamin C does not fascinate medical community to the extent as a new complex molecule does. Unfortunately, the time-tested benefits of this vitamin are always kept hidden from the common people for an unknown reason. Research conducted from time to time has found its positive effects in at least 200 diseases.

Vitamin C is not yet included in FDA approved drug lists, so doctors should not prescribe it as a medicine to treat some conditions. However, the study result of the University of Kansas on vitamin C has made the medical community think newly about its use in ovarian cancer as a treatment option.

A study conducted at the University of Kansas Medical Center suggests that parenteral administration of high-dose vitamin C along with standard chemotherapy may accelerate the death of cancer cells and also reduce the chemotherapy-related toxicity.”

You can read the full post here:

In order to understand better how Vitamin C fights cancer, The Riordan Clinic in Kansas, USA, conducted a lecture presented by Ron Hunninghake, M.D. You can watch the full presentation below:

With these info at hand, do you think vitamin C IV therapy can indeed cure the incurable?

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