Types of IV Therapy Treatments

The Customized Drip

IV Therapy regiments that caters to your specific health and wellness needs. A custom-made IVtreatment composed of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants tailored to a your current health concerns and health goals.

Max Hydration

Our Max Hydration Drip has a blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes formulated to swiftly restore fluids and detoxify, leaving you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Eye Bright

Helps to prevent the deterioration of eyesight and problems associated with aging of eyes.

The Detoxifier

This drip travels through the body, attracting and drawing out toxins.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Infusion

This anti aging power house, plumps, smooths and brightens your skin from inside out.

Liquid Lunch

All the nutrition without the calories. This infusion is packed with amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes to supplement any low caloric diet.

Pre/Post Surgical Boost

Supports the healing of tissue and may improve recovery time.

High Dose Vitamin C

Immune support, anti-viral, detox, used adjectivally in cancer therapy.

Super Virus Fighter

Feel better in no time. This cocktail helps shorten the duration of illness by supporting immune function.

The Energizer: Myers Cocktail

The right mix of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness and a balanced body. Get energized and say goodbye to adrenal fatigue without feeling wired.

Headache No More

This infusion may reduce and prevent headaches.

Relax, Release, Renew

Helps Repairs your taxed mind and body from chronic stress with a blend of restorative, calming, and rejuvenating nutrients.


Supports energy, immunity and skin.

Joy Juice

This cocktail is filled with nutrients to support mood, sleep, and relaxation.


Promotes the natural healing of the brain, supports addiction withdrawing.

*This type of IV therapy is provided by nurse practitioner Arv Buttar.


Supports better mental and wellness clarity.

The After Party

Get Hydrated! This cocktail re-hydrates and energizes with a power house of nutrients that help detoxify.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A fat soluble and water soluble antioxidant, helps with nerve related symptoms, and liver detoxification.

*This type of IV therapy is provided by nurse practitioner Arv Buttar.

Glutathione Glow

The Ultimate Anti-Aging and Detoxifying Infusion. Helps rejuvenate your skin with a fresh “glow.” This super antioxidant infusion fights free radicals and eliminates toxins.

Hair, Skin and Nails

Supports skin elasticity and hydration, healthy hair, and nail.

Pre and Post Exercise Support

Aids in restoring glycogen and amino acids stores. Supports recovery, strength and overall performance.

Vitamin B12 Shot

5x stronger than Vitamin B12 shot.

Vitamin D Shot

Supports the health of bones, the immune system, brain, and nervous system.

Iron Shot

Helps correct Iron deficiency anemia symptoms  such as fatigue and dizziness.