Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a patient to get IV therapy?

Yes. To become eligible for IV therapy, you must be a patient of the clinic and have an active file. If you are an existing  or new patient of one of our Naturopathic Doctors  you will  required to book an  initial  IV consult for  about 15-30 – minutes in length.

Can anyone receive intravenous therapy?

Generally, IV is indicated for patients who are 16 years of age and older. Furthermore, before any IV treatment, the Naturopathic doctor will go over your health history (which will include past health issues, hospitalizations, surgeries, diet/digestion, allergies/ reactions, medications currently being used etc. with additional detailed questions) before deciding whether IV therapy is the most suitable route for you to consider at the time in question.

How often do I need to get IV treatments?

This is case specific. In general, if a nutritional IV Treatment  is recommended, the Naturopathic doctor may decide to do 1-2 infusions per week for 6 weeks as an initial assessment. After this window of treatment, a decision will be made as to how frequent the sessions will continue thereafter and for what duration. In the case of cancer, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients  vitamin infusions may be administrated  as frequent as  2 – 3 x a week.

If I get IV treatments, does that mean I can go off my supplements?

No. IV treatments do not replace healthy lifestyle and dietary practices which also include your high quality supplements. You should stay on the recommended supplements. IV therapy is meant to support your health towards a more optimal level of well being.

Are there any blood tests that need to be done before considering IV therapy?

If you are going to have high dose vitamin C for cancer treatment, we will require current blood tests for G6PD, possible kidney function and liver enzymes. G6PD is a test for an enzyme. If you are deficient in this enzyme, you will not be able to get Vitamin C doses greater than 15 grams. If your kidney function is compromised, this may affect how frequently or how much volume you will be able to get infused with respect to IV treatments.

Are there any side effects for IV therapy?

Generally, IV therapy from a Naturopathic context is a safe treatment. Most side effects are limited to possible bruising at site of needle insertion (although not common) and in rare cases may feel light-headed/ dizziness. Patients will be encouraged to hydrate well and have eaten before coming in for IV treatments.

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