Top Naturopathic Treatments To Combat Winter-Related Health Issues

Winter is upon us again and with it comes various health conditions that may affect you and your family. Here are 3 very common ailments and what type of naturopathic treatment can help fight and prevent these diseases. Read on to find out more. Flu In a recent article by NBC News, they wrote that the U.S CDC recorded at least 80,000 people who died of flu last winter, the highest death toll since the winter of 1976-1977. Here’s a snippet of the article:
“In recent years, flu-related deaths have ranged from about 12,000 to 56,000, according to the CDC. Last fall and winter, the U.S. went through one of the most severe flu seasons in recent memory. It was driven by a kind of flu that tends to put more people in the hospital and cause more deaths, particularly among young children and the elderly.”
The high number of cases observed is very alarming. However, you can fight and even prevent flu by boosting your immune system. A good way of doing it is by taking vitamin C, probiotics, and getting enough rest and sleep, to mention a few. Naturopathic Treatment for Flu: High-Dose IV Vitamin C How it works: An intravenous treatment, which allows vitamins and minerals to enter your bloodstream through your veins. This allows your body to quickly (and safely) absorb high-dose nutrients with speedier results. Here’s more proof of the efficacy of high-dose IV vitamin C in fighting viruses and other ailments courtesy of Dr. Fred R. Klenner and his colleagues :
“Dr. Klenner treated many cases of influenza with vitamin C. The size of the dose and the number of injections required were in direct proportion to the fever curve and to the duration of the illness. Further the response of encephalitis virus to ascorbic acid therapy was dramatic. Six cases of encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections. Two cases were associated with the pneumonia virus; one followed chicken pox, one mumps, one measles and one a combination of measles and mumps. In all these cases definite evidence was found to confirm the belief that massive, frequent injections are necessary in treating virus infections with vitamin C. Dr. Klenner published all studies of a variety of diseases successfully treated through massive injections of vitamin C and suggested that that due to effectiveness of injectable vitamin C, this vitamin can be considered as a super antibiotic.” Source: Riordan Clinic
Asthma Winter can be a particularly hard time for people suffering from asthma. Why does the cold weather make it so? In an article by, it could be because cold air is dry, it increases your mucus, other respiratory conditions such as colds and flu trigger your asthma symptoms, and being indoors when it’s cold exposes you to allergens such as dust, molds, and pet dander. You can read more here. Naturopathic Treatment For Asthma:
– Reducing allergic exposure – Reducing the sensitivity and spasticity of the airways of the lungs – Balancing the allergic/inflammatory pathways in the body – Correcting nutrient imbalances. For more explanation regarding these treatments, check out the AANP website.
Arthritis People with arthritis can experience more joint pains during the winter or cold season. The reason may not be clear, but experts such as Robert Jamison, a Professor at the Harvard Medical School and chief psychologist at the Pain Management Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Chestnut Hill, explains:
“…the factor that may be responsible for increased pain is not snow, cold or rain, but actually, a change in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure) is the force exerted onto a surface by the weight of the atmosphere at any given point. As a storm system develops, the barometric pressure begins to drop. Jamison explains the impact of barometric pressure on the body through a test conducted with a balloon. “When a balloon is inflated, it has the maximum inside and outside pressure. High barometric pressure that pushes against the body from the outside keeps tissues from expanding.” As the barometric pressure falls, tissues in the body may expand. As the tissues expand, they put more pressure on nerves that control pain signals. “It doesn’t take much expansion or contraction of tissue to affect a pain trigger,” Jamison said. Therefore even individuals who live in drier climates also reported feeling more pain with weather changes.” Source:
The technique is to dress warmly, covering especially, your head, hands, and feet, as majority of heat is lost from the body’s extremities. Naturopathic Treatment For Arthritis: Cold Laser Therapy How It Works: The therapeutic light can reach the affected tissues up to 2 inches below the skin, reaching the damaged cells so repair and healing start. It is a painless procedure, but patients may experience some mild tingling sensations. If you need additional information on a specific naturopathic treatment offered in our wellness center, you can reach out to our resident Naturopath Toronto Doctor – Dr. Amauri Caversan – (416) 922-4114. Recommended Reading: A Must Try – Natural Detoxification Methods That Works