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A Must Try – Natural Detoxification Methods That Works

Detoxification is a sure fire way to eliminate harmful toxins in your body so you stay strong, healthy and energized. Traditional detox methods such as through diet, colon cleansing or fasting still work. However, there are various techniques you can try which is just as effective. Here are 3 ways: Detox #1: Sugar Detox Did […]

4-Point Bullet Proof Checklist in Choosing The Best IV Therapy Toronto Service Provider

Getting your first vitamin iv therapy should be a smooth process. With IV clinics scattered all over the city, how will you know you are getting the best iv therapy treatment for you? Here is our 4-point bulletproof checklist in choosing the best IV therapy Toronto service provider: Possess A Doctoral Degree The Canadian College […]

Warning: 3 Weight Loss Regimens That Are Doing More Harm Than Good

naturopathic weight loss toronto

Losing weight can be a challenge if you don’t know how to do it properly. Taking weight loss pills alone just won’t cut it. In fact, there are unhealthy weight loss regimens you don’t know you’re making and is causing more harm than good. Read on to find out more. 1. Changing Weight Loss Plans […]

3 Little Known Glutathione Benefits You May Never Have Heard Of

Gluta Drip Toronto ON

Glutathione is widely known for its skin-related benefits – lighter and younger looking skin, reduced pigmentation, and helps prevent acne, just to mention a few. It is also popular for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. But did you know that Glutathione also has other health-related benefits you may never have heard of? Continue reading to […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Apple Cider Vinegar Now

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) may sound like any other household vinegar but health practitioners highly regard it for its health-boosting properties. If you don’t have a bottle of ACV in your cupboard yet, now may be the perfect time to stash one. But first, what is Apple Cider Vinegar and what makes it special? “Apple […]

New Update: Vitamin C Shows More Promising Health Benefits – What Are They?

Vitamin C Benefits

When you hear the word “vitamin C” you always associate it to terms such as oranges, colds, flu, improved immunity, and virus to mention a few. That may change soon as recent studies show more promising health benefits Vitamin C can give. Read on to find out more. Treatment for Septic Shock Sepsis, when left […]

Why Natural and Non-Pharmacological Approaches Are Better For Veterans With Chronic Pain

Pain Management for Veterans

Chronic pain is one of the most reported problems of war veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Opioids are commonly prescribed but an alarming rate of hospitalizations and even death have been recorded due to its use and misuse. With the help of naturopathic medicine, find out why the natural approach to managing pain is […]

Best Diet Changes Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients Must Do Right Away

When you or your loved ones receive a diagnosis of cancer, the first question that almost always comes to mind is “What do I do now?” Many will jump into chemotherapy or radiation treatments as soon as they can. However, one very important factor is often overlooked: NUTRITION. Here are the top diet modifications newly […]

4 Surprising Facts About Hormonal Imbalance Or Deficiency Men and Women Should Know About

Hormone replacement therapy in Toronto

Hormone levels change and develop over time as an individual grows and ages. Some hormones may be specific to men or women but an imbalance or deficiency will have health consequences. Here are 4 facts you should know about abnormal hormone levels and what you can do to address them. 1. Environmental chemicals affect your […]

IV Therapy For Recovery – The Next Best Thing For Endurance Athletes?

IV Therapy in Toronto

Triathletes and marathon runners are known to push their body to its physical limits competing for long hours and most often under the heat of the sun. For these athletes heat stroke is their number one nemesis, therefore, effective hydration plays an important role in their performance and most importantly their recovery. Why? Read on […]